Is different than other service providers and consulting firms?

Most service providers empower brands to organize and distill data in an efficient way. Our team does not create report for the sake of it. We look at your business through Walmart buyer’s lenses. We concentrate on providing solutions. Our goal is to make your business profitable and to increase your brand performance. 

My business has lost sales due to space reduction. Can you help?  

Our team has proven track records when it comes to optimizing linear productivity. Nesting and non-nesting assortment; pack optimization; commercial activities planning; accurate GRS set-up: We have a very important toolbox at your service. We know how to growth your business   within limitations and the framework set by Walmart. 

What happens once the project is completed? How can my team retain some of the knowledge?

We work in a collaborative manner. We share and explain why and how things works so your team learn and develop along our side. We are there to make your brand and your people successful.

Can you help with a modular reset?

Yes. We are expert in building modular plans. We understand how to fill and prepare the category review templates. We often do mock up modular reviews to help your team be ready for their meeting with Walmart buying team. 

Walmart systems are continuously evaluating your product performance. Historical data impact future orders and performance is reported against competing products and categories. It is essential for a supplier to be pro-active and to analyze the business regularly. We can help your team focus on what matters and organize their reporting in order to protect and grow the space allocated to your brand. 

I just started to work with Walmart. Should I wait one year before investing into analyzing my business?