What We Do:

We help companies shape and organize their Ecommerce operations in order to attain profitability. We realize that the best and most inspired business leaders are often limited by the structures and the processes in place. Our boutique firm has developed a very unique approach to Ecommerce and Retail consulting where we act as personal advisers to the leadership.

We help you see clearly how to turn businesses around and we create ways to actually make it happen. We work in a non-disruptive way that is fast and efficient. We focus on profit and sustainability as well as improving brand equity. We consult for large international retailers as well as small local businesses. We do not take on jobs if we are not confident we can make your business operation profitable and your brand more successful. 

  • Ecommerce site creation

  • Organization and process improvement

  • Logistics and customer service

  • Technology Implementation

  • marketing and digital communication

  • business intelligence and analytics

  • brand identity

  • big data management

  • Advanced category management

  • Product Innovation

We have gained our roots in the retail industry by collaborating with:

Selling to China:

We help companies reach the 700 million online Chinese consumers.

  • Increase your brand awareness in china

  • Build a community on WeChat

  • open a cross broder store on taobao or tmall

  • build a strategy for growth

  • Protect your brand

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