We Open the Minds

Our Category Management 3.0 workshops focuses on engaging and motivating your team to think out of the box and to focus on building brand equity instead of the more common assortment optimization approach.  

Our Approach:

Retail winners are architecting the brand value proposition instead of the product offering. Market leaders focuses on the message and the emotions instead of the retail format and the historical retail metrics.  

We believe in empowering and motivating buyers and category managers to think different, helping them blend the frontiers between brand management, marketing, assortment management and product development.

We have developed a unique method based on experiential workshops, to help your team endorse and retain what they have learnt. A big part of our success comes from instilling simple and efficient habits and a renewed creative passion into category managers, brand managers and buyers. We offer a highly practical course utilizing real life business models, role plays, coaching and live feedback.


3 Days Workshop

Through our collaborations with dozens of brands and retailers, we developed a unique approach to category management training.

Workshop Content:

DAY 1:

Know Your Customers, Know Yourself

  • Intelligence Cycle and Big Data
  • Building Relationships
  • Brand Equity Ladder
  • Growing the Pie

DAY 2:

Think a New World

  • Emotion vs Function
  • Message vs Product
  • Content vs Container
  • Selling vs Buying

DAY 3:

Make it Happen

  • Simplification
  • Innovation
  • Metrics for the future
  • Zero Based Line Review

Measuring Success:

We use Donald Kirkpatrick’s four level training evaluation model as a base because it has stood the test of time, since 1959. For this reason, we stay in regular contact with our clients and we organize an open feedback session 4 to 6 months after the initial workshop. 

  • Level 1: Reaction: How did the participants react to the training?
  • Level 2: Learning: How much learning did the participants get?
  • Level 3: Behavior: How much have the participants used the learning?
  • Level 4: Results: How much effect did the participants' learning have on performance?

We have gained our roots in the retail industry by collaborating with: